HELP ! I didn't receive my earned BAT from ad to my uphold acc

I already connected my uphold account to brave browser . But now I am not receiving any ads for a while , I don’t know why ? and also earned BAT are still in my brave wallet , not sent to my uphold account. Please consider and solve my issue.


Don’t worry you’ll get in 11th August . Please wait and connect with brave community

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But , why I am not receiving Ads from brave browser ?

Which OS you are using ?

I am using Windows 10.

Why on the 11th? This is also my concern today. I got my wallet verified on my payment date on the 6th and until now my earnings are mot credited in Uphold.

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I have 54 bat in my brave wallet and connect uphold also…but it’s show payment processing please check back later and payment date not showing

Please, Add a new tropic in windows Category . Then support team can help you

This reason for weekend.
payments will be start again in Monday . Just wait

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Hopefully that will happen.


Some time it happened and don’t worry about that you can just wait until 11th August. @Satyamax47

Same problem happening with me. Plz someone help me

Are payments over or in progress? who knows

Payment complete. If you not receive yours, please see the latest post here MEGATHREAD: August 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support