Havent received bat in uphold

I didnt receive the bats in my uphold account even after its been lot of days waiting for payment to come @steeven plz resolve it asap

@dhaivat please DM the email linked to your account. Thanks!

How about me? Ive been spamming your username and still didnt answer me??? @steeven

@Berguno, what is the email linked to your account? I do not see it in a DM.

check dm steeven and resolve as soon as possible @steeven

@steeven still havent received bats in uphold

@steeven not received in uphold yet

@steeven plz get it asap

@steeven havent got it yet

@steeven havent got bat in uphold yet

@steeven plz help and get bat in uphold plz

@steeven please help asap

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