Hangouts not working

I use Gmail and Hangouts. Gmail is working fine under Brave, but if I got to, it says “cannot connect”. I’ve tried removing extensions, but this has no effect. If I try this on Safari, it works fine. I don’t have Chrome.

Seems to only be an issue on MacOS. I also have Brave on a Windows machine, and Hangouts there works fine.

did you tried to set Trackers & ads blocking to standard
and Fingerprinting blocking to standard
and Cookie to allow all

hope that help and if not could you screen shoot the error

have a nice day

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Can you also check in Menu --> Settings --> Extensions and ensure that the Hangouts options is enabled?


Hangouts option was already enabled.
Trackers and Fingerprinting were already at Standard.

But I had Cross-site Cookies set to Blocked. When I changed this it worked. Thanks.


you welcome :slight_smile:

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