Chrome limitation on ADBLOCKERS, how will it affect Brave?

We all know the plans Google have to limit ADBLOCKERS functionality on Chrome very soon, so since Brave is based on chromium, what plans have Brave team to not get affected by this change?

In an email to ZDNet on Friday, Brendan Eich, CEO of Brave Software, said the Brave browser plans to support the old extension technology that Google is currently deprecating.

“To respond on the declarativeWebRequest change (restricting webRequest in full behind an enterprise policy screen), we will continue to support webRequest for all extensions in Brave,” Eich told ZDNet .

In addition, Brave itself supports a built-in ad blocker, that users can utilize as an alternative to any extension.

Furthermore, Eich told ZDNet that Brave would continue to support uBlock Origin and uMatrix, the two extensions developed by Raymond Hill, the Chrome extension developer who’s been highlighting Google’s plans to sabotage Chrome ad blockers for the past months.

Source: ZDNet

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Glad to read that, thank you!

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