Goodbye Brave! Many people will be leaving due to the suspension of the referral program

With the suspension of Brave’s referral programs, unfortunately many people will be saying goodbye to Brave.

Many people worked every day to publicize the browser and this news has destroyed the work of many people.

Hopefully they will come back soon, but at the moment many people have decided to say goodbye!


They did not close it, it will only stop working for new accounts of content creators, that is, the account that was created as of today does not opt for referrals

It’s a lie to me they suspended my account and I had months with it and now it is under review :frowning:

If your account was suspended then it has gone through the necessary checks and was deemed fraudulent.

Regarding the changes to the referral system, as it says very explicitly in the blog announcement:

If you’re already a verified creator, this change will not affect you. This also will not prevent new content creators from verifying web properties and receiving support from their audiences. This change only applies to those who are not presently in the referral program today.

If that is not clear enough – anyone who is currently a verified publisher will be able to use the referral system. We are simply stopping any new users (that is, users that sign up to become verified creators at any point from today onward) from signing up for the referral program.

Thank you.