Gmail inbox updating problems

Dea All,
I have a Windows 10 OS and I don’t understand why for example with gmail inbox page, Brave doesn’t automatically refresh the page and I don’t receive notification about new mails received.
Could you kindly help me how to solve this problem?

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Gmail won’t use a page refresh to show update items. Gmail will use xmlhttp to check.

I would logout, and re-login. Then test by sending an email (from another email address).

Fanboynz, normally I have more than one window opened in Brave and if I remain in Gmail window I have the refresh, but if I change windows after a few I don’t have Gmail refresh and it’s the same for the different windows of Brave…I’d like to have automatic refresh of all windows opened: Firofox does this

Thanks and best regards

Screenshot of the automatic refresh option in Firefox? I didn’t see it when I just checked.

Chrome has extensions that will do auto-refresh on a per tab basis;

I don’t know the automatic refresh option, but with standard settings Firefox refreshes. I try with the extension.


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