Getting website redirects on iphone

When I use the website I will be redirected to a different site every single time I click anywhere on the screen. I’ve only noticed this on my iphone, it does not happen on my windows laptop when using this browser. I’m unsure why this is happening because Brave used to successfully block those redirects and now it doesn’t. It’s been an issue of mine for a while now though. I have “Trackers & Ad-blocking” set to aggressive, and I also have “Block pop-ups” enabled, and I also have “Block dangerous sites” on too. So I don’t know why it’s allowing it to be redirected to sketchy pop-up sites like this.

Example of the kinds of sites it redirects you to:

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It’s because Apple requires everyone to use Webkit on iOS and there are a lot more restrictions on what can be added there. Brave has constantly been adding adblock capabilities and all, but it’s not as strong or capable as Android and Desktop.

That said, as this is an adblock thing, you probably should have put this in Ad-Blocking and provided the information requested in their template. Then the Shields (ad-blocking) team would see it and might be able to check out the site to see if they can make modifications.

I’m actually moving this over to the proper category. You did at least provide the website URL and all, which is They can try to test on it later and see if anything can be done, but might just end up being a limitation based on Apple policies.

Ahhh, sorry I didn’t realize there was an adblocking category. Never used this before. But I wasn’t aware of the whole webkit thing… That really sucks :sweat: Thanks for replying so quickly

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I’ve up’d a few changes into iOS for this site, give it 48hrs. See if it helps

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