Getting colored lines in youtube videos in brave and not on Google chrome

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Description of the issue:
Getting colored lines in youtube videos in brave and not on Google chrome. Have had removed brave yesterday and reinstalled, it started from today.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Getting colored lines with youtube videos on Brave and not chrome

Expected result:

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I have the exact same problem with Brave and not Chrome. I’m running Elementary OS 5.1.6 and Brave version 1.11.97, however this issue does not surface with Ubuntu 20.04. It only appears when the Youtube OSD is shown, the lines disappear when the onscreen display fades out. It happens in both full screen and windowed modes. I turned off hardware acceleration and it made no difference.

edit: Disabling Brave shields solves the problem but makes Youtube unwatchable…

Did you guys try this thread, which looks like the issue here?

@scotthva5 @sd2611,
We had a similar issue reported with the same/very similar on-screen effects. I believe that it was caused by the Fingerprinting protection set to Strict – can you check and confirm whether or not this is the case for you by opening your Shields panel in the address bar and changing this setting to either Standard or Allow all...?

You are correct, disabling strict fingerprinting solved the problem. That was an amazingly fast response! Thank you!

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My pleasure! Glad that the issue got resolved.

Yep, fingerprinting. Dropped it to standard, rebooted browser and presto!

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