Weird lines in my videos

Anyone else who uses brave have this weird line though there videos, I dont get it on Chrome, edge or firefox it just on Brave, where the video dimension isn’t quite right or something ? and no hardware acceleration doesn’t change this outcome. Here a example on the ladder not being aligned up.

Its like the video dimensions are 1-2 pixels short and the video seems folded on its self / squished, its super disorientating in some situations, or interlacing or something is working over time in the browser on videos.

Also not that this would happen here butt before anyone dumb decides to respond, if this was a issue with my monitor I would be able to replicate on chrome, edge and firefox, I ALSO wouldn’t be able to screenshot the issue. (I had someone on twitter blame my monitor for it)

This happens on any videos.

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Try ENABLING hardware acceleration -

You realize I already stated in the post that and i quote “hardware acceleration doesn’t change this outcome”

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Sorry, thought that was only in regards to DISABLING it :slight_smile:

@Mattches do you have any other ideas?

Can you try opening your Shields panel and setting the Device Recognition setting to All device recognition allowed and see if you get the same results?

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