Gemini wallet not getting connected to brave rewards

I have a verified Gemini wallet account and when I tried to connect it with brave rewards, I got an error message “Your request is still being processed, please wait. Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again” as in the attachment below

As stated in other similar topics in this community, I moved onto brave://rewards-internals/ page and found this info:
External wallet info
Wallet status: Not connected

Help me figure it out as I want my payout, been waiting for it for 2 months. Also, I had successfully connected my Gemini account with brave rewards but after 10-15 days, it got disconnected automatically idk why.

They have announced that there is currently maintenance going on and they are resolve an issue were the wall it has not been able to verify with Gemini. They are hoping to have it working by February 3

i wanna ask you that i was not recieving notification ads so i dmed mattches and he told me that my walet is not flagged and told me to upload my logs on the link he gave and i uploaded it and i saw today that i started recieving ads but almost 1 hour ago i reieved a ad and clicked on it after that i didnt recieve reward for my ads. and whenever an ad comes the reward button also dissapears.

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