Gemini account for Indian People

how to create a Gemini or uphold account, it been a long time but its not available in this region. Can you do some update about this this feature. …

There’s nothing that can be done till region is supported again. For India, Brave is working with a new Custodian to support us back. Don’t know which echcnage it is or when they’ll be added.
You’ll have to wait patiently. I understand the frustration cause I’m from India as well. Fingers crossed!
You’ll find updates at

thanks bro, they are trying their best i think so we should wait, but if they give any date it would be better is’nt it?

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I agree that they should update on the progress and should give a date or something. But everytime they did in the past, they weren’t able to complete by the date they announced. So just not to get our hopes up, better if they don’t give dates. That’s what I think.

There’s this insider joke on the Community of the regions being added SOON™. Lol
Just to give you more info about the joke

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