When is a custodial account service reaching to India

Hi, I currently have 42.5 BAT in my local browser storage. As per the version 1.48 change, I can no longer earn any BAT without connecting to an account of either Uphold, Gemini or bitFlyer.

Gemini is only available in US and bitFlyer in Japan. But connecting an account to Uphold is available in many countries (52 with support of new account in 47). But it’s still not available for India, one of the major countries of users not only of PCs but also for brave. Why no support available here to connect my account. I want to connect, but I still can’t.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using =>
Version 1.48.167 Chromium: 110.0.5481.104 (Official Build) (64-bit Windows 10)

Is your Brave Rewards Profile currently verified? (no)

Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past? (yes)

Are you using a VPN? (no)

Are you in a supported region (no)?

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No one knows is the short answer.
It’s the government rules & regulations making it hard to get India back. Anyway, they’re working with a new Custodian to bring India back as soon as possible. They say the signs look positive till now.
For most updated info about unsupported regions, follow the

Until brave collapses, India will be supported again


After USA and France, India is in the third position of their top user country list with 4.61% of total brave users. However, they aren’t finding any solution to this issue, and as a result, they are losing Indian customers with a 16.57% decline rate! Hope they will address this issue ASAP, there are many other crypto wallet applications out here in India they should reach out to them!

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I hope they reslove this

Soon™ (the ™ is used as a joke, more of an inside joke for Community).

Anyway, it’s been announced plenty that Brave is in final rounds of adding in a new custodial partner. So long as everything works out, this new partner will be able to service India. That said, not sure how long it will take. My guess is it’s likely going to be at least another 6 months, but we’ll see what they tell us once everything is far enough along for them to be able to make any official announcements.

Until then, your hope would have to be that Uphold will open up to India once again.

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Isn’t 6 months a really long time. With edge adding Chat GPT in the browser it’s already fascinating users

MAU February -3 million users?
Hmm… price for bat went 7 cents down in last month?
Expecting more since India/Argentina/Brazil are an important number in this “equation”?
“Soon” tm should transform actually in something more imminent?
Going for another token(don t want any loses in my patrimony), will come back if, bat will go lower, so i can buy back maybe more.
Cheers everyone!

Not been paying attention? Brazil and Argentina were added again a while back, November of 2022.

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I also have 30 vbat and i don’t know will i would be able to verify before sunsetting vBAT

maybe they will do it before april…since brave also not want to lose all users from india…we are a big number

brave dont wanna lose such a large no. of users… dont worry

Discontinuing vbat when 80% of the world is not able to connect to wallets is the most dumb decision I have ever seen.

where did you get that 80%?

Just a random number they are throwing out there but it may not be all that inaccurate. I mean, figure it this way:

Percent of world population according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_and_dependencies_by_population)

  • China = 17.6%
  • India = 17.3%
  • Indonesia = 3.44%
  • Pakistan = 2.94%
  • Nigeria = 2.72%
  • Bangladesh = 2.12%
  • Russia = 1.83%
  • Philippines = 1.38%
  • Ethiopia = 1.31%
  • Vietnam = 1.24%
  • DR Congo = 1.23%
  • Germany = 1.05%
  • Iraq = 0.514%

These combined would equal about 54.67% of the world. Those are some of the larger countries that are listed as eligible for Rewards with open campaigns at https://brave.com/transparency/ but CAN NOT connect to a custodial partner according to https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/6539887971469

Then you’d have a lot of countries like Turkey (1.06%) that are on the list as supported countries but where new Uphold accounts can’t be created. Also would be countries like Croatia and Slovakia or whatever that are supported by Uphold but currently can’t be connect via Rewards and Brave said they were in the midst of adding more than 2 months ago.

So yeah, 80% is definitely inaccurate and one hell of a stretch. But still are countries with pretty large percentages of the world that can’t connect.

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Actually, I do want to add one more little thing. The above went by population. But if we look at countries/territories with ad campaigns according to https://brave.com/transparency/ and then look at the countries/territories listed at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/6539887971469 then the numbers look something like this:

  • Countries/territories listed = 183 (not counting each individual US state, but just counting USA as a whole)

  • Countries/territories listed as supported = 52 (+1 for Japan), so 53.

52 divided by 183 = 0.284 = 28.4% (Actually, 53 because of Japan.)

53 divided by 183 = 0.289 = 28.9%.

This would mean that 100-28.4 = 71.6% 100-28.9 = 71.1% of the places that Brave has ad campaigns CAN NOT connect to a custodial account and therefore can’t earn BAT.

That would be closer to what @mokusio_o was saying, but still not quite 80%. In fact, that 71% or so might be lower as they have a bad habit of putting territories that are included as part of the country. Regardless, we’d be looking at somewhere between 50-70% or so of people/places that can’t access BAT because of new changes.


This still isn’t all that accurate. For example, on custodial it’s mentioned South Africa. But on the transparency page, it lists places like Uganda, Zimbabwe, etc separately. But those countries would be part of South Africa. EDIT This deleted because inaccurate statement. Search showed southern Africa instead of South Africa As there are some places listed on the transparency page that might fall under others. Such as like if I tried to list California and United States separately. So it’s occasions like that which would bring numbers of “unsupported” lower. So instead of 71% it might be closer to the 50% or whatever. I just was trying to look at areas people might be considering. Regardless, it’s a large portion of Users who can’t connect to a custodial partner.


But on the transparency page, it lists places like Uganda, Zimbabwe, etc separately. But those countries would be part of South Africa.

From when did Uganda and zimbabwe became part of south africa. They are all different countries. And the fact that instead of providing support (or maybe provide regular update, that is actual work of a community ninja) you are much more interested in proving someone wrong. Pretty much shows the state of brave browser right now.

As of now, brave has nothing by which it may attracts user. Not many people are that much concerned about privacy, and they won’t mind if companies like Microsoft or Google use their data. No matter how much privacy you provide, these companies will always nick the data so it doesn’t matter much.

As for adblock, there are some great extensions in extension store of the browsers.
Brave doesn’t provide much features which can help us in some other ways then only searching. See edge, they’ve integrated GPT-4 in their browser, having much better UI, is satisfactory fast, organization tools for tabs are good. Shopping list, website shortcut in side bar and bing rewards are some to mention.

Chrome has a huge user base and the trust of Google. Even google had started rolling out Bard, it’s language model.

All I mean to say by these examples is that other browsers are having more features and trust of the users. How will brave survive if a feature like brave ads, which attracts users won’t be available in the majority of the countries.

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In searches I did while looking it up, there was something that mentioned it. When I tried to look now, the search engine replaced South Africa with Southern Africa on one of the answers. That might be what I saw and I didn’t catch it.

You really should learn more before speaking. What is a Community Ninja? You mention work of a community ninja. This isn’t my job and there’s no work for me, you know? Want to see what Community Ninja is? Screenshot of the badge description is below.

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I’m just another User who is active here. I do help people, have conversations, and seek out help when I have problems.

Wow, you completely missed the point of all that was said. Other person challenged on how you came up with the percentage you shared, which was inaccurate. I then answered that person about the amount of people affected and that the numbers were large. This was to educate them, you, and anyone else visiting the topic to understand how big of an issue it is. It was helping to affirm what you were saying while just correcting the number you shared.

+1 Respect.
+1 Diplomacy skill
As far i understood from the topic, your defended the users(that can t connect to custodial).
Providing us with a "probability " based on unofficial numbers(Dev Team should come with something official, at the end of vBAT, and not you.).
Your answer has been misunderstood by certain people, but actually you did a great summarizer , and if someone else think it can do a more precise example, we are here to hear it!
“Read twice, type once” .

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