Geeting adds but not counting

I am getting adds . Out of 20 only 2 is counted but on 7 day history it showed me 20 viewed. My two desktop browser has the same issue. What a mess. Will stop using brave. Add price also so much reduced. Also no add bug and the new one

I’m having the same issue. Last month, I was supposed to get 27 bat, but I only got 20. This month, despite using this browser for the whole month, I’m only getting 8 bat. A few days ago it said I had earned 20 something bat but on the pending rewards side it said i only had around 6 or 7. What gives?

update: It says I eared 20.7 bat but only 8 pending. Why?

The team is currently working on several ads/Rewards issues at this time. We appreciate your patience:

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@Mattches is their any necessity to have uphold verified account to tip someone