Add Counter Issue

i am getting the add but my Add counter and BAT are not increasing. @Mattches

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You can check here for Mattches post about the ad counter issue.

Already sent a dm @Mattches, it’s really taking too much time. Ads are coming but neither the counter not the BATs are increasing. You guys need to solve this issue a little quickly.
Will we get the BATs that are lost due to this issue ?
Please have a look !

That’s a question for someone who works for Brave.
I’m just passing along information that I saw somewhere else.
I had the same problem as you.
Ads weren’t counting.

Appreciate you linking to the appropriate thread.

As it says in that thread – and every other thread regarding this issue – the team is aware of the problem and are working presently to get it resolved. If you’ve already followed the instructions laid out, then there is nothing else you can do. The issue will be resolved as soon as it’s resolved – asking us to “solve it quickly” or “please address it” over and over again is not helpful.

If you (anyone) would like to be help us – please take after @5150sick’s actions and direct any other users reporting this issue to the above thread so that we are all working off the same information and we can close out duplicate threads.

Thank you.


I’m not questioning you, I’m aware of the thread too. But people are facing this issue since lots of day’s. :unamused:
The thread gives assurance yes, but it does not mention what will happen to the lost BATs which I questioned to Brave people.

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