Games on Facebook are not loading into brave Browser

Every now and then when on facebook, I go to play some games and the browser tells me the browser does not support this feature. They worked fine this AM though. When will an update come around?

Nothing changed on Brave’s part, if you’re blocking Facebook logins in brave://settings/socialBlocking it would affect it.

Is there a specific game not loading? Does it work in private window mode?

I just want to answer this. Next browser update is supposed to launch on the 30th. However, that should have no bearing on your situation.

Not sure if you’re using any extensions or made any changes on your device. Try opening in a Private Window and then head to Facebook and see if it makes a difference. If it doesn’t, then try to create a new profile and test it on the new profile. I’m guessing you’ll have success in one or the other. If Private Window works, it means likely an extension. If new profile works, means you changed a setting and just need to figure out which one.

Also in all that troubleshooting, does it matter if Shields are off?

I will try what you suggested but i turned off the shields and still didn’t work Thanks

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