Free browsers locking up my phone

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Description of the issue:
My phone is locking up
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Log on to YouTube
  2. Watch a video for some Autumn out of time
  3. And your phone randomly locks up

Expected result:
My phone locked up bear in mind it doesn’t always happen but it always happens when I’m on YouTube watching YouTube however it has happened three times this far and it’s kind of getting old especially since I never have this problem on the desktop version
Brave Version( check About Brave):
As I keep my phone updated it’s the latest version that’s on the Google Play Store
Mobile Device details
Razer phone 2
Additional Information:
I really don’t know what to add but as a thing I was actually wondering about since we’re on the topic this have you ever considered adding support for extensions on the mobile version just saying you know

Just to be clear when you say locks up your phone am assuming the browser is hanging.

What is the Android version on your device? How many tabs do you have? Do you have sync enabled in the browser? Can you try clearing browsing data from all time and check? (This would logout from any session you have active in other tabs and YT)

Probably in future

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