My Brave Browser keeps crashing

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Description of the issue:
{*I was using this app for a while…It worked wonderfully well and i thought to always stuc stick to this browser… But today it just went off and didn’t worked at all no jokes seriously… It wasn’t working…I restarted my phone as it told me to do so…I literally begged to good that it works i will be pleased as it has really goods features…I had to uninstall it finally… To the dev team please fix this issue asap…:sleepy::v:t3: Just reinstalled it… Let’s now hope for the best…:crossed_fingers: It still sucks… *}I am a regular user of Brave on laptop… But since this incident I had to unfortunately make Chrome my default browser… But if this problem gets resolved, I will again go to Brave as my default…
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Whenever I searched for anything on the web browser, it showed “aww snap, brave browser will be back in a moment”… And then the browser starts to slowly work…I literally mean very slow…
  2. It also consumes a ton of my battery without being in background…SILENTLY

Expected result:
I know that it is a new browser and or will jane some problems, bit this according to me is s major problem…I just want it to work like it works on my pc…
Brave Version( check About Brave):
I had the latest version installed on my device
Mobile Device details
Samsung Galaxy A50
Additional Information:

The mentioned description in {Is directly copied from my complaint cum review on Play Store}

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