Not receiving my BAT in my Browser Brave

Hello good day, i am from Venezuela and want know because Not receiving my BAT i installed the brave browser the day 14 of old month and in this day 14 (today) check and have not any BAT, i want know because have not and also if maybe my country have restrictions on the BAT or this is not available in my country, also note i use the browser almost all month, and have connected my uphold but when check have not any BAT, thanks i only want know, Regards and thanks in advance.

@hubert019 you not get BAT by simply downloading and using Brave.

  • Sometimes there’s a grants that you can claim,
  • or opt-in to earn from Brave Ads – available on desktop (mobile support is coming) for supported regions,
  • or you can add your own funds.


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thanks for the reply… but the browser say: in the day 14 (today wll get 20 BAT) but when check this is not available and i see and some friend of other country will get this 20 BAT only for use and install the browser for rthis reason i wask if maybe is because my country have not available this promo

Hello just I received after 2 days please updated app and checked your setting whether you setting may be misplaced .

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