Fox news Blocking Brave

I tried to access on my phone and iPad this am. It requires me to add my email,address and wait for a link to be emailed. It never came and is an unfair trade practice to require me to use another browser. Fight their tactics.

I just went to Fox News on my iPhone and don’t see anything like you’re mentioning. The only time they go to ask for an email is if you go to login, which is a members only thing. But you can navigate around the site and read some base articles with no issue…

If you can, I’d like to see a screen recording of this issue. This includes before you go to the site, so we can see how you’re navigating, what’s appearing, etc.

I’m seeing this on both my home PC & work laptop. It also locks out the story on my end, until I turn the shields off.
(Both computers are win 11. One is pro, the other home, all updates installed)

Issue remains. I have to turn shield off or Fox will not allow me to log in nor send me a log in link for most articles… Example:

Foxnews is still blocking specific articles from Brave users while shield is on. Cannot login nor receive a login email.

New phone, reinstalled Brave prior to finding this thread. Turning off shield works.

Example article:

Not really having issues, though you’re right they require an account for more details. Such as scrolling down on them will show:

I don’t feel like entering my email and creating an account. That happens if I have Shields off as well, so not sure what you’re seeing.

Can you show more of what you’re seeing and experiencing?

Getting the same issue here. Fox News won’t display news articles unless you login with an email address. There is no way to log in with shields up. Gotta be some type of script?

Sample link where its showing this issue?

Spend 5-10 mins browsing foxnews. Pretty much any news article you click prompts you to enter your email address. Brave should block this but it doesn’t. Also when shields are up, it won’t accept your e-mail address and the prompt goes into an endless loop.

You are correct if no account. I was referring to having an account and still required to turn shields off.

If logged in with shields on, I am still prompted to log in. If I do, it circles back to login repeatedly until I eventually turn off shields.

Happens with Safari too

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Following up on this. Any fix in the works?

Add this to filters:, class, div[class*="gated-overlay"])

Or activate bypass paywalls clean filters in filters list.

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Thank you! Activating ‘Bybass Paywalls Clean Filters’ work perfectly. The odd thing is Brave on my PC has been bypassing that e-mailwall junk for some time and just suddenly stopped today for no apparent reason. Enabled that and all better.

Actually, I’ve noticed that while ‘Bypass Paywalls Clean Filters’ gets rid of the e-mail wall, it seems it cuts off the articles. Does anyone have any ideas?

Cuts of the articles? screenshot of this?

Here are a few

Here’s an example where it’s pretty obvious something’s missing - the text cuts off mid-sentence:

Also, pretty much all complete articles that weren’t behind their dumb emailwall have ‘conversation’ at the bottom:

The funny thing is the desktop version of Brave was bypassing the emailwall until earlier this week and I hadn’t done anything to make it bypass it, and then the emailwall started appearing.

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