Fonts Scrambled and Images broken on Linkedin and various other websites

I’ve been facing a strange issue on Brave browser while surfing particularly websites with links or images - the fonts on Linkedin are jumbled and scrambled - overlapping each other, the images are not shown - it says try pressing alt+some keyword combination to view images, the pages take time to scroll correctly and display content
When i switch off the shields - it refreshes the page without these problems, but its too slow
The only thing i guess is keeping me coming back to Brave is Brave Rewards - that too has become sluggish now.
This browser is an experiment - which is largely dependent on a community like this to take care of its bugs and maintain functionality - no ownership or accountability to maintain the stability - very strange
All i’m asking is a functional secure stable and fast browser - which may not be loaded with features but atleast does the basic job - browsing - comfortable.
For now I’m going to uninstall this browser [yet again] and hopefully dont have to come back again. Its disappointing to say the least.