Followed all the procedures to verify my twitter but shows as Not yet verified

I have completed my verification process 123

as you can see in the screenshots clearly showing verified and for some reason doesn’t show up the same way as it should.
Another problem i see is in my brave settings i find this written ’ Uh oh! The Brave Rewards server is not responding. We will fix this as soon as possible’

If you use stable Release then it’s expected. Because it’s not yet available for release version. That’s why it’s not show as verified.

Another example, Brave Twitter account @brave also will not shown as unverified.

Twitter tipping is available in Dev and Nightly channel and will hit stable Release soon. You also can check here

There’s an outage in the pas hours. It should be solved now.

@umair0094 and a quick update. You may want to update your Brave version. Twitter tipping is now available in Release channel with 0.67.123.


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Thanks for the help but I didnt get u there. So ur saying is that twitter isn’t supported for verification as of now?

oh ok saw this just now thanks

Updated but still cant see it verified. Also i have added youtube channel as well, none doing…

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