Flash Player need help

I cant use flash on a website and i need help on fixing it

Flash Player, because of security reasons, is by default disabled in Brave. If you are on mobile, you can not turn on Flash in Brave. On desktop you can temporarily turn it on inside the settings, but I would heavily recommend not doing so. Flash is soon permanently disabled everywhere, and eventually won’t work even if Flash is enabled or installed. Unless you absolutely must, I would not use Flash Player, as it is unsafe.

Hope this helped!

i know but the thing is im on pc and the game im trying to play still hasnt moved to something else and i still want to play it its not working as it says this plugin is not supported

for this game u can use any browser support this plugin. but if u want only brave use, there right say, u need enable plugin in brave://settings/content/flash and install how this install in ur system.

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