How to Enable Flash Player in Android Brave

I just have a question!

Can I enable Flash Player in my Android Brave Browser?

I’m getting this error when I try to access Flash File on browser!

Brave version :- Latest Brave Beta 1.14.73 - Android

Flash for Android hasn’t existed for many years, and even on Desktop it’s being fazed out by the end of this year

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Umm… but there is a browser known as Puffin which has Flash Support.

Thanks for your reply though.

Requesting lock.

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Yeah with puffin, they’re using some remote flash/cloud setup (unique to them)

Given most sites are moving away of flash since adobe will stop supporting it, not much most browsers can do.

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from security perspective never enable or use flash
most website switch to html5 and webgl

if a site require flash simply do not use it

and as fanboynz said it coming to end of life for flash

I do not want or wanted to use Flash regularly I just had few flash files which I wanted access through browser.

Another browser fulfilled my requirement also I’m already aware of that it’s gonna end soon so RIP Flash Player in advance.