Fix YOUR SERVICE AND PAY ME MY dont even reply ..your customer care service is pathetic SHAME ON U

PLEASE HELP I HAVEN’T RECEIVED ANY MONEY FOR 3MONTHS…I am posting this for the 4th time …reply to me …and give me all the pending BAT.i have been watching like 30 ads daily…imma turn it off if u wont reply and switch to any other browser… Don’t force customers out…I like brave … there are otheer more private browsers out there working bettter than u …the only good thing with you is the BAT…keep it flowing or we done …peace out yo

i think i even tagged and dm’ed @Mattches and @steeven …help me guys

Error: Brave Rewards profile is flagged

Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards profile has been flagged, and you’re not able to verify with a custodian at this time. This flag can sometimes be due to irregular Brave Ads activity, though it can also be a false positive.

Note that while your Brave Rewards profile is flagged, you won’t be able to verify.

No action is required on your part. Your Brave Rewards profile will be automatically reevaluated on a regular basis to determine when (or if) the flag can be removed. Please try again every so often to see if the flag has been removed.

Learn more about Brave’s process for flagging Rewards profiles.


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Jun 8

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May 21


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May 1 – May 31

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0.010 BAT

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May 2022

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One-Time Tips 0.00 BAT 0.00 USD
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Your profile is flagged. As long as it is, you won’t receive anything.
Now why it is, I couldn’t tell you.

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You answered it there. Brave will never tell you why you’ve been flagged and won’t be able to do much once you have been. If you haven’t already, you can open a ticket at

Otherwise, nothing you can do but wait and watch for the flag to be removed. Often you only get flagged when you’ve violated Terms or did something you know you shouldn’t have done, but anything is possible.

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i think the issue started after i bought a tab and installed brave on it …since then i havent received any rewards on both devices but have been seeing many many many ads…am i doing something wrong please reply here…i made a ticket too thank u both for for your valuable contribution i am very very grateful @xMovingTarget @Saoiray

You have to wait for the ticket. Couldn’t tell you if or what you did wrong. Just wait for ticket answer.

Unless you did some suspicious activity with the browsers, there is no reason why the tab installation would be responsible. You can have Brave installed in tab, mobile, desktop. They are all independent rewards wallets.

Hi @CJ19, thanks for writing in. If you submit your issue to the form above, we can get your case reviewed right away. Thank you.