Brave Extension from Bitdefender


I changed my Browser from Chrome to Brave. I used two extentions from Bitdefender (Password Wallet and TrafficLight) on Chrome. Unfortunatelly I am not able to use these extentions on Brave, there Is not possibility to download them.

Can You help me with this issue, please?


Hi @MilanoCZE,
Which Brave version that you use?

Brave 0.58.x and higher able to install extension from Chrome Web Store. Just click the “Add to” button.

Hi, thanks a lot. I have somehow tried to download extensions and in one case I was successfull.

I have still issue with Bitdefender Password Manager extension, it is not downloadable directly from Chrome Web Store, but it should be automatically add by Bitdefender into the Browser. It works with Chrome but not with Brave. I have also open a ticket on Bitdefender side, so we will see what Bitdefender guys will reply.

Thanks a lot, Milan

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