Fix for uploading Brave ADMX templates to InTune

@John19 When trying to upload ADMX templates to Microsoft Endpoint Manager (InTune) I got the following error:

ADMX file referenced not found NamespaceMissing:BraveSoftware.Policies. Please upload it first.

This is because the brave.admx file references a bravesoftware.admx file that isn’t provided in the download package. Since Brave doesn’t seem to provide this necessary file (not sure why) you can create and upload it yourself. You’ll need to create the following two files:


The contents of bravesoftware.admx:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<policyDefinitions revision="1.0" schemaVersion="1.0">
    <target namespace="BraveSoftware.Policies" prefix="Brave"/>
  <resources minRequiredRevision="1.0" />
    <category displayName="$(string.bravesoftware)" name="Cat_Brave"/>

The contents of bravesoftware.adml (for en-US):

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<policyDefinitionResources revision="1.0" schemaVersion="1.0">
      <string id="bravesoftware">Brave</string>

Create and upload these two files first, then the brave.admx and brave.adml upload will be successful!

Do you think you can just rename those files before uploading to save a step.

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