Brave OMA-URI string for Intune

I have successfully used the Intune App to create an Intune install file for the latest version of Brave. From there I was able to figure out the Install command for a silent install. I have now successfully deployed Brave on my Test computer via Intune automated installation.

I am now moving on to setting up the parameters in Bave such as homepage, bookmarks, etc. I have done this with Google Chrome successfully with ADMX OMA-URI strings such as “./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Chrome~Policy~googlechrome~Startup/HomepageLocation”

From what I gather I am taking a guess and will have to swap the Google and Chrome references with Brave ones. But, I am not 100% sure what they should be to make this work.

Before someone post about the registry and doing something with that, please don’t. This is the way the people at the top want, so this is what I have to work with. Thank you for the Help as I am sure needing it. Have a great one!

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