(Five) Sidebar Suggestions

Hello. I’m new to this forum, so if I did something wrong, I’m sorry.

I saw the new sidebar, and I have suggestions that would make the feature more complete.

  1. Add the ability in Brave Sync to sync the sidebar between PCs (at least).

  2. When you open the sidebar settings, from the icon below, open it in a new page.

  3. Add the ability to change sidebars icons for more customizability.
    Example of usage:

  4. A separate menu similar to “brave://bookmarks” or an easier and more “drag and drop” mode for modifying the sidebar.

  5. (small one) add sidebar tag on Brave Community.

Thanks for reading.

Kudos for customizable icons. This in fact is not only a visual perk, it also helps distinguish several instance of the same service. E.g., I have 4 different gmail accounts in the sidebar, and a few slack channels. Would be nice to be able to distinguish between them.

Bonjour, Avez-vous des nouvelles concernant la fonctionnalité permettant de synchroniser la barre latérale sur tous les appareils comme les favoris ? Cdt,

A history feature similar to bookmarks would be helpful for me