Firgerprint is op

on this site

it links to 2 sites that checks for fingerp

there seems to be many different ways to do fingerp for computer and computing devices:

so what is the point of cookies (and w/e other trackers) are if any websites can just do fingerp

none of the other brwosers protect against fingerp except for brave + firefox

fingerp is too op, dont see whats the point of anything else, all the websites are probably fingering ppl — esp google and pretty much anyone else, google dont even need cookies all major sites are prob already jsut fingering ppl

that link also say its very hard for any browsers to protect against anyway, and all the ad companies have alot more money and more powerful tech so seems like protecting vs fingerp and privacy overall would lose out at the end

anyone know

Anti-fingerpitning measures are possible by browser.

Just look at TOR browser. If you run it current config, no one will be able to fignerprint you.

few things

but no real point in anything else and all this other stuff cookies etc just go fingering everyone, simple

all sites already fingering ppl google fb etc dont mater if u singed in or w/e


dont see whats the point of anything else,

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