File upload dialog is unresizeable and immovable

When selecting a file to upload into a web page, the file upload dialog is stuck in a specific position and at a specific size. This is not a bug present in other browsers or applications.

Details: Windows 10 x64 Pro fresh install (a week old).

This bug was not present on the previous installation of Windows, which had plenty of other bugs.

@AMDphreak … are you certain the “file upload dialog” is not a native dialog specific to the website?

I ask because I just tested this on a Win10 (Pro 64bit) laptop running Brave 1.2.43 (Chromium 79.0.3945.130) and I am able to move the [native Windows] dialog around the screen and resize the dialog.

I also tested Brave [Dev channel] on an openSuse 64bit Tumbleweed desktop machine and able to move and resize the [resulting) Plasma dialog.