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Now brave rewards not a profitable deal because not receiving proper ads from brave. Receiving 1 notification ad ( 0.001 bat), 2 sponsored images (0.005 bat) and 0 news field ads in each profile (4 profile in different devices) . Receiving less 0.1 bat in a day . And current situation of bat( besic attention tokens) 1= 0.23 usd. And now Brave publisher has also been removed from the unsupported region.

In last one year I have received 263.44 bats from Brave reward and Brave publisher which is not worth even 5000(INR). There is no ad campaign present in my region.

I have decided no longer wish to be a part of Brave Rewards and use it just like a web browser but the Brave Rewards disable Even after doing this I am being shown Brave ads, this should not happen otherwise I will switch to firefox(ad block service available)

This screenshot Clearly shows that I have disabled ads

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Note:- I have already deleted the publisher account .

Not true. FYI, the Brave Ads Catalog Views at is broken right now. We had Sampson himself post about it not long ago, saying that he had been maintaining that site as a side project and it’s not anything official from Brave. He will be working on fixing it later, but since it’s a side project, we’re not guaranteed to have it.

As for campaigns in your area, the official place to show how many exist are at There are currently 19 campaigns in India.

That’s crypto everywhere. If you haven’t been watching the news, you really should. It was Crypto Winter first, which happens every once in a while. But now there’s issues with FTX and many places. You even have major crypto coins like:

  • Bitcoin which dropped from $56,308 this time last year to current price of $15.563. In Just this last month, it went from around $20,000 to current around $15,000.

  • Ether went from $4,198 this time last year to current of $1,256

  • Solana from $210 to $14.48

The list goes on. Crypto always has a risk and will fluctuate on a lot. If you haven’t researched, seriously go learn about FTX and how it’s impacting crypto right now. That said, prices will go back up here eventually. It’s just all shaken up.

Yep. Like others, BAT has been impacted by everything going on. This time last year was around $1.52 per BAT and is now $0.23. But it’s still doing good. Other thing I want to point out is Brave was never for anyone to use to try to “get rich.” It’s for privacy. All the money you’re getting from Brave is what websites used to get. They all profited off of you visiting sites and plaguing you with ads. Now you have Brave protecting you from that AND paying you. Not to mention all the other benefits.

Okay. That’s your loss.

No it doesn’t. This screenshot of mine below would show Rewards disabled. Your screenshot just shows you are unverified (meaning can’t receive payouts to Uphold/Gemini because you’re not linked to it), have no estimated earnings for November and that your browser has 16.750 BAT.

New Tab - Brave 11_16_2022 01_08_28

And this is what it looks like with it enabled:

Feedback- rewards - Brave Rewards _ Rewards Support - Brave Community - Brave 11_16_2022 01_10_05


You can still see Sponsored Images, otherwise known as NTP ads, with Brave Ads turned off. That setting is from Customize on your NTP menu.

You can see when I’m there, on the Background Image settings, it has a toggle switch for Show Sponsored Images. It doesn’t matter if Brave Ads is turned off. You see that here it shows that Sponsored Images is toggled on, but then there’s the extra setting that says Start Using Rewards, which is there because I had disabled Rewards in order to show this to you.

Sir, you would not like to comment on this.

Sorry, I added that screenshot so that I could show that ads are visible even after disabling it.

As for the screenshot, I thought that the community would know that by disabling Brave Rewards, your earning for this month is shown as 0.000, which is clearly visible.

You can also see yourself, disable the reward, then open a new tab and click on the triagle.

Check Date and time .

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