Feature to disable favicon caching completely

i would love to have a way to disable favicon caching entirely and not only the option to manually clear it from the cache. i never close the browser so having a “clear on browser close” is not quite as helpful either, but would be a welcomed feature either way for many users and the rare case when you do close the browser.

every time a tab hibernates due to inactivity it would be nice to empty its cache and force a site reload to re-grab the favicon as well; but i dont know if tab hibernation is a native brave feature or an extension.

Hi @chad90, Welcome to Community!
Thanks for the feedback/request, but it looks like you posted in the wrong category. No worries, I’ve just adjusted it for you.

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@Aa-ron im sorry about that! i thought it had it right this time after tinkering with the options :slight_smile: thanks for moving it to the right section for me, i appreciate that a lot!

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