Favicon Question

Is there any way to stop Brave showing site-specific Favicons? I actually prefer the generic placeholder globes - I once read that Favicons always ‘phone home’. In Firefox you can fix this with an about:config setting.


UPDATE: I would still like to know if this option is possible in Brave; however, I have found a workaround by deleting and then using Kaspersky Internet Security’s Application Control to block Read/Create permissions to the files: favicons and favicons-journal. Of course, this does not stop Brave pinging sites in attempting to update the favicon.

Thanks @newman for the suggestion! This is not currently supported in the browser.

Since posting, I’ve noticed that Brave also grabs Favicons to use in browser window tabs. So while I’ve stopped them updating bookmarks, I have no idea how to block them from appearing in tabs.

@Mattches would you mind taking a look at this?

I actually did an inordinate amount of research on this, thinking that surely there was something that could get this accomplished. Turns out there’s not – there’s even a lack of extensions in the web store that accomplish this. Lots of them will allow you to customize or alter the site favicons but hiding/removing them is another ordeal entirely.

I would recommend checking out the Tab Modifier extension though, as there may be something offered that will suit your needs even if not meet them exactly.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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