Feature Request: Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

I’m not. If I was an asshole I would have been a lot meaner and rambled about how lazy you were and all. Instead I answered your question and emphasized the important of trying to look for things yourself.

I’m still going to be nice, but I’m going to be very blunt with you on the rest of this…

Truthfully, you didn’t look. You might say you opened settings and did a quick glimpse, but you put no effort into it. I mean, when you open settings, there’s a search glass.

See it on the top right?


If you clicked on that and typed in Shortcuts

See how it showed the options and even highlighted? It would show you any and all options in settings for shortcuts, which included what to do. So it literally would have been resolved very quickly by doing a literal search and then seeing what came up.

Not responding like that at all. If I thought that, I’d have just flagged the comment or called you out on it. What I am calling you out on is being like so many people who come to complain but don’t take the time to look at things or even search for other topics.

There are pinned FAQ articles with answers on some things, there are official help articles in the Help Center, etc.

To give more examples of why I say you didn’t search:

For example, keyboard shortcuts are talked about at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360032272171-What-keyboard-shortcuts-can-I-use-in-Brave

So going to the general help center at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us and then to Desktop and browsing basics, you’d see it.

Or you could have used the miraculous search function and found it:

Or you could have searched through topics here on Brave Community, where perhaps a person could try to Search Before Posting and they would have seen topics or responses like:


Amazing how many ways you could find the answer just by trying to search, isn’t it? Whether it be directly in your browser’s settings, Help Center, Brave Community, or even just by using search engines…all of which can lead to answers. Sure, it might take a few minutes, but it’s there. People just get too lazy and they’ll rush to create topics because it’s easier.

People are learning that if they just post somewhere, there’s a high likelihood someone will answer. In turn, they get lazy as hell and don’t want to spend 1-5 minutes or more searching for an answer. It’s just better to spend 5 seconds to write a question and go about their business. Then it floods out posts/topics of people with actual issues and makes it harder for them to get assistance.