Feature Improvement proposal

I did’t find specific topics for the improvements I would like to propose , so I’ve created the topic to summarize them.

  1. Top site listing allows max 12 websites… Would be nice to have the option to extend the block , since I use it as “Speed Start” - feature that other browsers offer, and I want to use this browser at home , but also work. At work for example, I have lots of links with preview of web pages to easily find them , like tools, DataGrip, Jenkins , Bitbucket , JIRA etc. its very useful. (Categories of Top Sites , would also be very useful, to be able to create for example Management Category where I can have group of links that I use for Admin work, then Develelop Category where I can add links of things I need to development)

  2. Please remove the annoying message “Important bookmarks now” , if you have no bookmarks , and it should show only if we want bookmark toolbar on top.

  3. More robust Themes, It’s quite simple actually , the only it’s ok that we can select theme from Chrome Add-on , but I don’t like that I don’t have control over colors of focus of Address bar , it’s always orange… or the Controls in settings. Would be nice to have that customization.

  4. Sync has bugs , on iPhone if Sync is initiated but not successful you can’t go to the menu any more, to even try to sync again or to provide any error why the sync was not successful.

Mitko Mirevski