Facing problem while linking zebpay with Brave browser for rewards

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I am facing an error when I am trying to link my zebpay account with Brave browser for brave rewards. It shows an error even though my zebpay account is fully verified.

Brave version - 1.66.120

Custodian - Zebpay

Yes I am in a supported region.

Which one? It helps if you’re more specific. I mean it could be telling you that you’re in an unsupported region, account is flagged, or what’s going on. It’s not like there’s only one error message.

That said, if you’re getting the one that says something like “unable to connect, try again later” then you might want to first start by resetting Rewards and trying again. Do this by going to brave://rewards and choose to reset. This sometimes fixes it.

Thank you soo much, brave rewards reset worked for me

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