Facebook Performance in Brave

I’m wondering if anything can be done to address an irritating problem that occurs when using Facebook within the Brave browser. I’m unsure if its a Brave thing or a Facebook thing but its infinitely easier to get to communicate with Brave devs than FB devs so here goes.

Is there a way to stop the newsfeed page from scrolling every time a new comment appears? Its a real pain when reading a comment to see it disappearing upwards as more comments roll in, particularly in a busy thread. The same is true when commenting…its tiresome to continually have to chase your comment dialog for the same reason. Please fix…FB is carp as it is without this extra hassle. Thx for reading.

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@swearbox, welcome to Community! :tada::tada::tada:
Is the issue you’re describing with FB seen on mobile or the desktop browser?

Hi, thanks for the welcome and thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:
Desktop…I’ve never used the mobile one.

For future reference, next time you’re requesting support reflect the template and guidelines. This way, we already have answers to the questions asked, as in the one above.

As for your issue, can you confirm which version of Brave you’re using ( Menu --> About Brave ), as well as what Operating System?

I’m unable to reproduce the issue you’re seeing, tested using latest release installation of Brave on macOS (Mojave 10.4.1). To confirm, you’re saying that when someone posts on FB and it appears on your feed, if you’re not at the top of the feed when it happens, it will scroll up to that post, correct?

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Sorry about the template thing…it was my first post…I still have to get the hang of how things are done here.

As requested: Version 0.60.47 Chromium: 72.0.3626.119 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 8.1

As for what I’m seeing: The way I use FB is pretty much standard. I refresh the feed and look at the first item on my newsfeed…I scroll down until I find something that interests me and if I’m sufficiently interested I’ll read through the comments as well and in some cases post a comment or reply to an existing comment.

Since I typed the above I tried to reproduce it myself and have so far failed but I’m inclined to add that the following may be steps to reproduce IF you get a busy thread.

  1. I comment on a thread and then either go elsewhere or leave the pc alone for a while.
  2. I check notifications to see if anyone has either replied to my comment or added to the thread I commented in.
  3. If someone has replied or added a comment I click through to the thread via the notification. I am a member of many groups, public and closed. The issue I am reporting happened in a closed group.
  4. The thread opens and IF it is a hot topic (today was Brexit…again) I will find that the notification puts me exactly where I should be BUT, due to others commenting, the comment that was in the centre of the page gets bumped up as more comments are added. The same applies if I were to reply to the comment that the notification sent me to…I find myself having to scroll to keep the comment dialog on the screen so I can see what I’m typing. The key to this is a busy thread and within a group…that I think are the two main factors. Hope this helps. I will try to clarify further if I can manage to replicate.


No worries! I appreciate you providing the additional details – helps a lot!
That said, it seems to be a Facebook issue you’re describing rather than a function of Brave. Since it’s hard to test, I would suggest logging into FB on a different browser (chrome, chromium or any chromium based browser would be best but any will probably answer the question) and seeing if you see the same behavior. If you do, let me know and I’ll keep digging. If not, you should submit a feedback report to Facebook directly.

Let me know what you find out.