Facebook page stats for posts are not loading



On facebook.com, when i try to view a facebook page statistics, on post views section, i can’t see post reach stats. They all show 0.

But on safari i can see all of them.

Also when i close shields, post reach count stats are working as expected.

I use Mac OS 10.14.3 Mojave.



Hi @hknerdr,

Can you try with “Device recognition allowed” via Brave icon at URL bar and see if the issue still persist?



did that but it it didn’t work :frowning:


Thanks for the confirmation @hknerdr :wink:

To make it clear, it’s under Insight > Overview right? Or you looking on different section?

I’m able to see the stats under Overview (with default shields settings). But other section is stuck on “Loading data”. And I need to disable “Ads and tracker blocked” in order to see them.


Yes it is located at Insights - Overview

The main stats are ok, you should scroll down and see each of the stat reach counts. They show 0.

As you said when i disable ads and trackers stats are shown.

Why this happens?


Good to know the workaround works for now @hknerdr.

It seems that some resources is loaded via 3rd party that triggered Brave’s shields protection. Will see if we’ve an issue logged for that and if there’s anything that can be fixed from Brave’s side.

Thanks for reporting.


Yes @eljuno. I tried too as you mentioned and now I can see statistics of my Facebook Page.
I am trying to use Brave for working purpose and I have many things to do on Facebook so solving this issue would be great


the shields have a lot of problems !!! after waiting for sync i switch from firefox to brave !! but right now i thinking i should back to firefox !! :frowning: