Estimated pending rewards reset itself to 0 today for the month March

My BAT rewards reset itself to 0 today on my mobile phone. Take a look at the screen shot below.

Just wondering how it’s possible Ad notifications this month is 43 and Estimatied pending rewards is at 0.3. Thanks!

Hi @misterdarm - thanks for reporting. Did it show a larger number earlier and then updated to zero?

Hi steeven, it was at about 3 BAT or so before it reset to 0. This happened after I got a request to join the Brave Rewards program for the 5th time or so. Another thing is that I keep getting the request if I want to opt in for the Brave Rewards program. Don’t see why the browser has to keep asking me this. After I opt in, it enables auto-contribute for me which I prefer to have off. And lastly, this is only the case for smart phone.

Hi @misterdarm - thanks for the additional info. Has your Rewards panel updated to reflect more BAT?

@steeven I’m not sure which panel you are referring to. And I’m not sure how to check recent transactions and where they came from. I guess that’s still being developed?

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