Estimate bat balance decreases

Hello Brave,

@sampson my system is windows 10.

My estimated bat balance is decreasing everyday, 2 days ago my bat balance was 4.52, 1 day ago my bat balance was 4.11 and today my bat balance is only 3.74

So why my estimated bat balance is decreasing???

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Hello, @Donboven.

Can you tell us a bit more about the issue? Is your estimated earnings changing, or the actual wallet balance? Estimated Earnings are shown on the New Tab Page, whereas Wallet Balance can be found in the purple region of brave://rewards. Also, which version of Brave are you presently using?

Please also check to see whether you have Automatic Contributions enabled on brave://rewards, or have issued tips to other users (these will be shown when you scroll down to the bottom of the aforementioned page).

Thank you,


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My ESTIMATED bat balance is changing (decreasing) everyday.
My auto contributions is disabled, my brave browser version is 1.18.70 (windows).

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Estimated Earnings could indeed change; they are after all estimations :slight_smile: But it would be quite odd if they only decrease, especially as you are presumably seeing ads each day. Are you continuing to see ads each day? If so, roughly how many?

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I am getting 10-15 ads daily.

Interesting! 1.18.70 has a bug which limits it to about 5 ads per day. This bug was resolved in 1.18.75, however. Would you be available for a Zoom call sometime this week so we can take a closer look at the issue?

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@Donboven, can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? And just to clarify, it’s the balance of tokens that you’re saying is reducing (not the USD value of those tokens), correct?

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