Error when adding solana trezor wallet

I have been trying to add my solana wallet to Brave so I can authenticate on certain websites.

When I try and add the wallet it returns the error “Internal error, unknown scheme”.

I can confirm bridge is up and running by checking

If I try and add my Ethereum wallet all progresses as it should with the correct popup.

I have tried reinstalling both Brave and the Trezor suite, I have also tried without the suite and just the bridge, in all cases I get the same error.
I tried a fresh install on a different machine and the error is still the same.

This has been tried on windows 10 64 bit with the latest stable build of Brave

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue

Hello! Just to clarify, which Trezor model are you using? Thanks

It is the Trezor Model T, apologies for missing this off.

No problem! Just wanted to confirm it was a SOL compatible model.

Do you see any errors in your Console when connecting the Trezor?
Press F12, then click the Console section and attempt to connect.

Thanks for confirming!

The errors I get are shown in the image attached