Error of Installation - MacBook Pro

Could you please help me to figure out how to allow my computer MacBrook Pro (macOS Ventura)? I have tried several times to download the browser in Chrome and Safari, and through both ways, my computer is bringing an error message that says “The installation failed” as it shows in the screenshot attached. While, I was trying to install via a pkg file and the computer asked me for permission and I hit “continue” which made the installation failed in both, Safari and Chrome. I accidently told the os to block install when it asked for permissions. I do not know where to reset the permission in order to run the installer successfully. It strickly tells me the installation failed. Please help!!!

Reset Full Disk Access in Security & Privacy, set Gatekeeper to “App Store and identified developers,” clear quarantine status in Terminal, download a fresh installer, consider disabling SIP in Recovery Mode if needed. If issues persist, contact browser support or community forums.