Error 500: Internal Server Error 🤔 I CAN'T ACCESS MY CREATORS ACCOUNT

Good Morning😊.
Since yesterday I can’t access my Creators account, every time I try to log in, the following message appears (screenshot) and I can’t do anything.

I have tried several times and the problem persists. I do not understand what’s happening.

  • Versión 1.30.87 Chromium: 94.0.4606.71 (Build oficial) (32 bits)

  • I’m using Windows 10

Please HELP. Thank you @steeven :grinning:


same error.Need wait!

I’m having the same error.
Hope it’ll be settled soon.

I am experiencing the same problem since Oct 1st. Hope fix come soon.

Same here. I have little faith in this crypto over the last months due to how poorly the infrastructure seems to be invested in.

Everytime i open this community website 90% problems are regarding the crypto thing which is weird for a BROWSER forum :thinking:

You’re in the Brave Rewards/Creators section. The crypto BAT powers the browser and allows creators to get donations. We want to be paid on time and have access to our accounts on a consistent basis. Not too much to ask.

they hould have username password system to sync ALL the data,the crypto,the dashboard stats etc. but it only sync bookmarks password and all.Getting paid in crypto need robust system which is not in the case of brave rewards.Many people face the problem.They should figure this out before its too late

Same error here how can we solve it?

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