Erro: limite de dispositivos atingido

Erro: limite de dispositivos atingido

Não é possível verificar sua conta das Recompensas Brave, pois você atingiu o número máximo de dispositivos verificados.
como posso resolver esse problema

You basically can’t solve this issue from your side then than to disconnect a device or two to see if that helps.
This issue appears when the brave rewards server/system thinks that you’re trying go connect to an odd number of devices (meaning you’re trying to farm BATs)

Now the epic reply would be:
“What is a farmer?” :slight_smile:

A farmer, or bat farmer is someone who’s main activity is breeding bats :bat: :bat: :bat: :slight_smile:

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instead having 5 devices(with same account) that may produce an certain fixed range, be a creator and your chances to earn bats increase drastically !
2 Bat from rewards for 1 month.
44 Bats from tips in one month.
Everyone, choose his way.

o problema e que sempre formatei o pc sem deslogar do brave ai deu esse limite.

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