Embedded Videos in Patreon Not working due to Settings

Hi I’m new to Brave and having a few problems right now - my main one is embedded videos not playing (due to “privacy” settings - or that is what it says in Patreon instead of playing the vids anyway).

If I log into Patreon on firefox, the videos all play fine on there so it seems like it’s a Brave set-up issue but I can’t figure out what it is.

I have Brave version 1.5.115 and am on a Macbook Pro
Any help much appreciated!!

I would try adjusting the shield settings for Patreon via Brave icon at URL bar to “Allow all cookies” or “Allow all device recognitions”.

It’s per site shield settings and will not affect other sites.

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Thank you. Worked like a charm. Much appreciated Eljuno

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