Email telling me that my reigon is not supported

I just got an email telling me that my reigon is not supported for Brave creators. I’m in the United States, which is on the list of reigons for Uphold. I have an active account with uphold. I’m not sure why I got this email and want to avoid issues with getting my monthly brave creator awards.

Please assist.

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I got that email too and I am in the UK which is supported

This email appears to have been sent to a broader set of creators than intended. If your country is still supported per the official list, then please disregard this email. The Creators Team is actively investigating.

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For my sites (United States/Gemini), this issue is more than just an erroneously sent email.

For example, when I visit my actual linked sites/channels, they now all say “Unverified Creator” or “This creator is not signed up yet…”

Also, when I click the “View Statements” link in the Creators site, there are no longer any statements…the page is completely blank.

In my Creators site, it still states: Gemini Account Connected

Anyone else also experiencing these extra issues? Any others? Thanks for your help.

Looking into it. Thanks for the DM.

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I received an email about my region don’t supported. I’m from Spain and use Uphold. My region is supported. Please, solve your bugs. My channels appears as not verified.

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