DuckDuckgo Settings Gone

Hello,Just upgraded to Brave, and using DuckDuckgo (DDG) as default browser, but i cannot find anything on obtaining the proper display of DDG with Brave: The DDG setting option is not showing?
I only have the search box, and nothing underneath (image, web, videos, currency, …) all gone out of sight, and the 3 Horizontal bars top right for setting of DDG is not here ?
Can anyone help me set this up to display DDG properly?
Using Win7 Pro x32

I’ve actually seen something like this happen before. I’m on mobile right now but try reading through this thread and see if any of the information helps with your issue:

Excellent, it was the setting of Brave to set it to “all scripts allowed” and then the entire menu from DDG and its settings appeared.
Thank you for the quick fix. Appreciated.

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