Video players end up turning blank when switching tabs but keeps playing

So this problem only began under 24 hours of me posting this for myself at least. Usually I would have 2 tabs open of brave, one would have most things I need while the other has a video playing. Whether it be a livestream or Youtube video. Recently, whenever I preview the other tab with my mouse or hit alt-tab that has another video playing, it ends blank out the video tab that I’m not currently in. It doesnt stop the video but it ends up being very inconvenient. And it doesn’t update the tab until I tab into it and I have shields downs. Hopefully there’s a fix, even it’s changing my computers settings.

Update: Doesn’t have to be another video to play for it to happen, just if you end up switching tabs that has a video playing, it will still turn blank.

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Hey, does disabling hardware acceleration in brave://settings/system help?

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sadly no, tried that first and still acting the same.

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Hello @PKSlayer

try to go to brave://settings/system and disable hardware acceleration and see if it help or not

and have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:

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Can you test in a clean/new Brave profile? (try using separate Brave Beta profile)

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@fanboynz sadly that didnt work either, still acts the same way.

tried it, didnt work sadly

could you try to restart you device
restart do not shutdown then start

once again, tried it, still acts the same

close brave a make sure it not running in the task manager

create a new folder in any location then
right click on the brave shortcut icon then properties then shortcut then target

then at the end of what is already written there add space then add this --user-data-dir=“the path to your folder”

replace the path to your folder with the full path of the folder that you just created

then press ok then click on the brave shortcut icon it will looks like as if it new profile check if it work on that profile or not

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

tried it a few times, still there :frowning:

i really do not know so let us see what the brave team has for that weird issue

sorry for the bother, but hopefully they see into it

do not be sorry and wish it fixed soon

but what is your brave version ?and windows version also?

its brave Version 1.17.73 and window 10.0. 19042

could you go to and download brave and run the installer

do not uninstall just close brave and run the installer and see if it make any progress

sorry for taking long, but tried it, still didnt fix it

it’s ok do not be sorry

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