Don't know where to post

Hello, I have several issues regarding Brave rewards from the U.S., with several profiles, different payout exchanges for the payouts, and ads for last month until recently.

I haven’t been receiving ads from several of my profiles (instances). For Uphold, I took 2 profiles off of that exchange and have only received ads for one of the two profiles (instances) left.
For my Gemini, I am not receiving any of the four profiles (instances).

I have other profiles (instances) not on either exchange that hasn’t received ads since December either.

There are also payments missing from all these profiles (instances), They just disappeared.

These different instances are for different people in my household and will be attaching an exchange - the profiles that are not in exchange as of yet.

I have an account on the Brave community website forum but have no clue where to go, what thread to post. There are so many threads of the same topic in different categories also.

I don’t know where to begin and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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