Donate Youtube channel My Bats / New account

I have to create new account in UPHOLD. But, before I donate, my Bats to my channel youtube:

Because, my previous wallet was not sync to UPHOLD.
How long for donations to enter the nnew UPHOLD account?

You should not tip your own channel to withdraw BAT in this way as it may lead to your account being flagged.

If your Uphold account is verified, simply wait until payout and all funds should be transferred to the relevant account.

i understand, but my payment not sync with wallet. Can I recover my Bats donated to my channel?
Thanks for your help.

If you “donated” them to your channel, then you will receive them during the Creators payout.

Hi, please help me. I donte recived my bats, that I donate to my channel.

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Creator payouts have not begun processing yet – should be tomorrow.

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